Hi There! I'm Kaliyah Ramos

Web Design, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

More About Me

More About Me!

Hi and welcome! My name is Kaliyah Ramos. I'm originally from Glendale, California and was raised in San Antonio, Texas and plan on expanding my horizons out in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I recently graduated from Texas State University in Fall 2022 with my bachelors in Digital Media Innovation and a minor in Fashion Merchandising.

I came across the digital media innovation program and discovered I have a passion for it. Throughout the program, I developed skills in social media management, mass communication, media criticism, media design, social-media-specific content creation, and data analytics and visualization.

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UI/UX Design

Data Analysis


Intern: Texas Tiny Pools November 2021 - April 2022

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At Your Service

Graphic Design

All your graphic design needs.

UI/UX Design

All user experience.

Web Design

All your web design needs using HTML/ CSS/ Javascript and Wordpress.


Multimedia Reporting Project

This project demontrates the possible marketing campaign for an active wear brand. It showcases my abilities to form an entire HTML/ CSS website with added multimedia.

Communication Design

This project is showcasing Alvarado Photography. My skills used here are in Photoshop and Indesign, through communication design.

Social Media & Analytics

My Social Media & Analytics project demonstrates the understanding of using Social media to grow an audience on different platforms. The project shows my skills in Canva and the ability to gather the analytics from a client.

Magazine - Media Design

This project demonstrates my media design work. I used Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator to show my skills in creating a magazine.

Texas Tiny Pools - Web Design

As an Intern at Texas Tiny Pools I assisted with updating their Wordpress website. I updated things such as the photo gallery, some text, the main logo and I also added the "Press Page."

App Prototype - Capstone

The app prototype project showcases my design skills. I used tools such as Canva, Photoshop, and PowerPoint to create the visuals. This project also allowed myself to use critical thinking, teamwork, and reasearch skills

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